The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) produces management system standards which designed to provide proven business frameworks in organisations for them to better deliver their products and services.


ISO empowers quality, consistency, cost-effectiveness, improved customer care and service, structure, stability and security in those companies comply to the various frameworks. 


Many of these standards are well known, such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 27001 (Information Security – including 10012 – Data Protection), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 45001 (Health and Safety).


Standards in high demand, due to recent global challenges, that we at ODOS also deliver are ISO 22301 (Business Continuity), and ISO 31000 (Risk Management).


Some organisations are compelled to implement these standards in their organisations and some to demonstrate their compliance to them. 


At ODOS we support companies to implement management system standards effectively, so that they truly benefit the company and we integrate standards into existing company infrastructure. In laymen’s terms, we make the standard work for you, and not drive you!


ODOS Business Solutions (SME Business Process Consultants of the year 2019) provide that expert guidance, external verification of compliance to the respective standard and we perform internal audits as part of their overall management system.  When an organisation implements such standards there are no mandatory requirements (demanded by the standards themselves) to undergo an external audit.  Essentially any organisation can implement the standard and claim to be compliant.

What are the benefits of being certified?

If an organisation has taken the time to become compliant then getting certified can have the following benefits:

  • The organisation can easily prove compliance to customers and interested parties

  • The organisation is independently recognised for its efforts

  • The level of auditing from customers can often be significantly reduced as independent certification can increase assurance

  • Many organisations are now demanding that their suppliers are certified to ISO standards


In brief, in delivering the framework for the ODOS Circle for Success we:

  • Conduct Gap Analysis

  • Implement and Integrate

  • Review and Audit

  • Certify

  • Liaise & Consult

  • Evaluate effectiveness of relationship


At ODOS we are so confident that customers will be pleased with the value that we add to them, that we don’t ask for commitment to lengthy contracts any more than a rolling month. Unhappy – disengage with no penalties!


We are even happy to talk minimum commencement costs with % payment on results, or spread costs to ensure that you benefit without the financial burdens. Is there anyone more flexible with terms, and confident of their ability to deliver desired results?


This is one call to action that will literally keep on costing you until you take the decision to make the call……………..

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