If you could buy, Structure, Stability and Security for your business, would you?


Well, ‘Micro9001©’ from ODOS Business Solutions delivers just that – and more!

It is globally recognised that the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System is an indicator that the businesses which implement it demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and professionalism in everything that they do, both internally and externally.

A Quality Management Standard which has moved with the times and looks at how processes drive businesses forward, ISO9001 ensures that opportunities are created, then achieved, and risks are avoided, by careful structured planning and preparation. 

The unique structure of ‘Micro9001©’ ensures that all of this is achieved, with minimal fuss, minimal cost and maximum benefit.

Correct application of ‘Micro9001©’ in your business, will result in an enhanced Organisational Structure, Stability in Operations and Process Delivery which delivers Security for your business in an ever changing and challenging commercial environment.

Other benefits of ‘Micro9001©’ include:

  • A greater awareness of the commercial environment you operate within;

  • More empowered employees, aware of the meaning of their roles within your business and how their performance impacts upon success;

  • An improvement and professionalism in relationships with customers, encouraging new custom, whilst reassuring existing clients who have confidence in your ability to deliver;

  • An increase in meeting customer expectations right, first time, every time;

  • A ‘best-practice’ culture running right through your company;

  • Improved relationships with your suppliers, with more streamlined supply chains and confidence in your processes;

  • The reputation that the demonstration of a commitment to ISO9001 provides new and rewarding opportunities, with increased revenue;

  • Practical and effective record keeping and control over your ability to comply with all sorts of industry regulation;

  • The creation of an organisation that does what it promises to do, reviews what it does and continuously strives to improve!

ODOS Business Solutions, set up by a Business Start Up of The Year Winner, doesn’t believe in simply providing you with templates or just a ‘badge’ to put on your paperwork. Our unique offering provides you with much more than that!

We will work with you to establish the message you want people to hear about you. A real live ’60-second network breakfast’ introduction which tells everyone what you are about, what you promise to deliver and how you will deliver it. This, combined with your Visions and Values of your business, will set you apart from the rest.

Once this is achieved, we will look at where you are, where you are heading and how best to structure your Quality Management System to ensure that you get there, practically, with minimal fuss, producing maximum benefit.

We will guide you through;

  • How to evidence what your business is all about, what factors affect it, and who are the important relationships you need to consider, internally and externally;

  • Production of your Quality Policy (the promise you make about what you do and how you do it);

  • How to develop meaningful objectives that will drive your business forward and plans to achieve them;

  • How to ensure that you maintain control or influence over anyone that carries out work on your behalf, so that their performance, values and standards are equal to your.

Upon successful implementation of the Micro9001© Quality Management System into your organisation – average time 6-8 weeks, ODOS Business Solutions will award you a certificate to demonstrate that you have committed to deliver the requirements of ISO9001:2015 in your everyday operations.

If you later decide to go for the full ISO9001:2015 certification (either Accredited or Unaccredited), the price of your Micro9001© will be deducted from any future costs.

Is this for me?

Absolutely! The size of your organisation doesn’t matter. What is important is whether this sounds as though it would benefit you at this point in time.


The beauty of Micro9001© is that it is a flexible system, you get out of it, what you put into it!  Currently, Micro9001© is in professional Football Clubs, IT Companies, Design and Technology Businesses, Manufacturing, Plastics Processing, Engineering and Charity Sectors.

Start your journey towards being the best you can be. Let us guide you through the Mandatory Requirements of ISO9001 and much more, to ensure that your business is, and remains effective enough to grow, and compliant whilst it does so.  Let us provide the right solutions for your individual organisational needs and let’s work together to ensure that you are the best you can be, sooner, rather than never!  


  • A Business Evaluation based on the framework provided by ISO9001

  • Quality Policy (your 60 second pitch!)

  • Quality Objectives (how to determine the right measures for making your business great!)

  • Access through a secure portal to your own interactive contact centre which allows constant, dedicated support and access to materials.

Document Templates for:

  • Control of Documents (ensuring consistency and effectiveness in your product or service delivery)

  • Business Processes (and how to get the most from them)

  • Training Records Matrix

  • Internal Audit and the importance of this in every Organisation

  • Membership of the Micro9001 NVO Club – keeping you up to date, as you grow, with Compliance and Regulatory requirements

  • A Certificate to tell the World that you have demonstrated that you operate an effective and efficient Business

  • PLUS……………………many more tools and top tips for success!

All of this for a one off cost at £1495 + VAT.

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