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Neil Male

CEO - GMS Group

GMS Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Graham as Non-Executive Director.

Worcestershire based national secuirty expert, GMS Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Graham as Non-Exectuive Director.

Founder of the UKI Group & International Centre of Excellence for Communication Skills, Andrew has a wealth of experience in both the private and public sector where he has held strategic positions serving in both the Police Force and Home Office.

Following a career in the British Army, Andrew served in the Police as a National Public Disorder Tactical Advisor before becoming the Head of Secretariat for Strategic Criminal Use of Firearms - Home Office.

Herefordshire based Grahams experience will bring great benefits to GMS Group's ambition to work with companies across the region.

George Gibson

Senior Manager at PwC

Having known and worked with Andrew over the past two years, I can confidently state that he is a highly capable, disciplined and commercially experienced individual. Andrew's energy and enthusiasm to offer his support and guidance is exceptional and to say he would go above and beyond in any situation would be a significant understatement. For anyone fortunate to spend some time with Andrew - on a commercial or personal basis, it will become quickly apparent that he is always professional and will listen carefully first before giving his advice or guidance. Having experienced what Andrew has, he is an asset to anyone's contact list. Andrew has also delivered training for the Chamber on Conflict Management, which received outstanding feedback from course delegates and proved to be a very successful course. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone who is looking to implement new business processes, assess working environment/culture, review performance management and implement strategic vision. (I would also encourage you to add him to your four-ball golf team...!)

Isla Buchanan

Programme and Operations Management

Andrew is highly professional, personable individual who worked with our company in relation to our ISO 9001 & 14001 audits. His expert advice and keen eye for detail helped us maintain and enhance our quality and environmental standards monitoring and I would highly recommend him to any other organisations who are looking for a supplier who will work in partnership with them to deliver consistently good results.

Andrew S. 

Corporate Executive

Andrew and I have worked together a number of times over the last 6 or 7 years. I have always found his subject matter expertise to be both empowering and informative. Andrew helped redesign a number of key business critical processes which we needed to be implemented with minimal operational impact. Without exception Andrew excelled in our expectations. Not only did he substantially improve out somewhat antiquated processes but also managed and delivered the implementation and training strategy which resulted in no down time and almost un-noticeable impact on the day to day operations. Andrew also understood the importance of communicating with the key stakeholders at every stage, this meant there were no surprises at all and the transition was pain free and seamless. I would have no hesitation in engaging Andrew's services again, in fact I look forward to the next opportunity to work together.

Hereford Football Club


Andrew Graham was appointed as Hereford FC chairman at tonight's board meeting following a 'unanimous vote'.

Graham was initially apponited as a Hereford United Supporter's Trust (HUST) nomintaed director for a three-year period last year.following a long career in the armed forces and various police roles, including a spell working for the Home Office, Andrew is currently an organisational change consultant at his own company, ODOS Business Solutions, specialising in business process design and auditing.

Andrew lives in Worcester and has been Hereford fan since 1972. He was a co-founder of HUISA in the 1990s and a HUST member since 2017. He is a keen competitor in endurance events where he has raised funds for cancer and military veterans charities.

Chris Tipping

Marketing Director - The DM Lab

I have had the pleasure of know and working with Andrew for a couple of years, his vision in bigger picture thinking is second to none.


He is able to take a business objective and break it down into smaller processes that are clear to understand and follow, as well as develop a strategy for a business to work towards.


His positive approach to consultancy means its always a pleasure to see him, a great attitude with bags of enthusiasm towards your business. Would recommend any one spending one hour with him...the rest will prove itself!

Kristian Stott

Chief Executive Officer at Andrew Grant LLP

Andrew is an exceptional individual and an all around great guy. I have been involved with Andrew in a number of different scenarios, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed. When first meeting him, Andrew is obviously a great guy, completely switched on, and very easy to establish a rapport and a relationship with. Andrew discusses openly his vast experiences both professionally, and indeed with his personal life and shares with you the knowledge and skill sets he has gained. Andrew is an excellent listener who not only hears everything you say, but digests it and considers it before offering advice or opinions. When working with him professionally, you can see that Andrew is extremely disciplined and has learnt through time how to handle some of life’s hardest, and I believe, darkest situations. He has also evidently experienced great successes and the outcome of these is a rounded and balanced approach to his work and to his engagement with others. In my working with Andrew, the focus has been on areas such as personal and professional attitudes to work, conflict, and achieving balance in one’s working and personal life. Andrew has already changed me as a person in what little time he has spent on it. Andrew has examined so many aspects of the environment I live in, working and personally, and has turned over all the stones to find out where things can be developed and improved. The most important thing for me to say in this recommendation is that throughout my interactions with Andrew in the varied scenarios that I have spent time with him he has been absolutely professional, extremely considerate, inspiring, relevant and all with the warmest friendship. I have, as is evident from this recommendation, very much enjoyed spending time and working with Andrew and do not hesitate to recommend him with only a small caveat: do not try and beat him at golf and never go running with him.

Tom Stanhope

Director - Videotrack

Andrew is a brilliant guy. He knows his field inside and out. The world of business development experts and coaches can be difficult to navigate if you are looking for someone to help your business, however, Andrew is truly at the top of his game. His roster of clients speaks volumes about his knowledge and expertise. But more importantly, his results are brilliant. I have no hesitation in singing his praises.


On top of all that he is an all-round good egg! Thanks Andrew. 

Stephen Evans

Operations Manager at Veolia

I have had the opportunity to work alongside Andrew and was Immediately impressed by his professionalism and his enthusiasm which I found very helpful in what was a new industry for myself. His Communication skills were first class and he was responsible for ensuring the Business Process Design fitted the sector we were working in and was implemented in the correct manner he was also the leader of the training strategy for the Model he had created and that it was communicated correctly to all the members of the team with successful results.

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